Writing a health history paper

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Writing a health history paper

If you are like most women, you record only what you must. A pen coupled with paper can serve as a powerful life tool.

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Journaling or keeping letters or diaries is an ancient tradition, one that dates back to at least 10th century Japan. Successful people throughout history have kept journals. Presidents have maintained them for posterity; other famous figures for their own purposes.

Oscar Wilde, 19th century playwright, said: One should always have something sensational to read on the train. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Health Benefits Contrary to popular belief, our forefathers and mothers did know a thing or two.

writing a health history paper

There is increasing evidence to support the notion that journaling has a positive impact on physical well-being. University of Texas at Austin psychologist and researcher James Pennebaker contends that regular journaling strengthens immune cells, called T-lymphocytes.

Other research indicates that journaling decreases the symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. Pennebaker believes that writing a health history paper about stressful events helps you come to terms with them, acting as a stress management toolthus reducing the impact of these stressors on your physical health.

Scientific evidence supports that journaling provides other unexpected benefits.

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The act of writing accesses your left brain, which is analytical and rational. While your left brain is occupied, your right brain is free to create, intuit and feel. In sum, writing removes mental blocks and allows you to use all of your brainpower to better understand yourself, others and the world around you.

Begin journaling and begin experiencing these benefits: Clarify your thoughts and feelings. Do you ever seem all jumbled up inside, unsure of what you want or feel?

Taking a few minutes to jot down your thoughts and emotions no editing! By writing routinely you will get to know what makes you feel happy and confident.

You will also become clear about situations and people who are toxic for you — important information for your emotional well-being. Writing about anger, sadness and other painful emotions helps to release the intensity of these feelings.

By doing so you will feel calmer and better able to stay in the present. Solve problems more effectively. Typically we problem solve from a left-brained, analytical perspective.

But sometimes the answer can only be found by engaging right-brained creativity and intuition. Writing unlocks these other capabilities, and affords the opportunity for unexpected solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. Resolve disagreements with others.

And you just may come up with a sensible resolution to the conflict. In addition to all of these wonderful benefits, keeping a journal allows you to track patterns, trends and improvement and growth over time. When current circumstances appear insurmountable, you will be able to look back on previous dilemmas that you have since resolved.

How To Begin Journaling Your journaling will be most effective if you do it daily for about 20 minutes. Begin anywhere, and forget spelling and punctuation. Privacy is key if you are to write without censor.Do you know what I made a mistake! I meant health history!!

I am doing a paper which ispertaining to that- due next week and I just wanted to look over one so that way I have some kind of idea! TIPS to write a good background • Begin the section with clear descriptions of the where you are coming from (Background) • Tell us about the history of the problem.

May 06,  · How to Write a Good Medical History Nearly every encounter between medical personnel and a patient includes taking a medical history. The level of detail the history contains depends on the patient's chief complaint and whether time is a factor%(80).

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Department of Health Sciences. Western Illinois University. 1 University Circle. If you interviewed me about the history of your organization you would do an in-text citation following the information. Use the following guide: (FI. Guidelines for Writing the Professional.

writing a health history paper
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