Writing a business letter lesson plan for esl

By the end of the meeting, student should be able to write a letter to introduce someone to others.

Writing a business letter lesson plan for esl

The learning activities in this lesson provide for whole-group instruction through modeling, active participation, group writing, and responding to questions.

Instructional Procedures Focus Questions: How is a friendly letter like a story? Part 1 With students sitting at the gathering area, enter the room waving an envelope excitedly.

writing a business letter lesson plan for esl

I got a letter yesterday in the mail from my friend who lives very far away. How many of you have ever gotten something in the mail? When you finish, discuss what was in the letter with students. Listen to what they talk about in their letters.

Annie and her grandfather were pen pals. It is exciting to get things from the mail carrier. What are some things that you can say in a friendly letter? Some examples of answers that could be on the list include: This could also be called the beginning of the letter.

It would be like saying hello. This could also be called the middle of the letter. What have we done lately? What are we looking forward to?

Writing a Business Letter, Lesson Plan, Worksheets, Teaching Information

This is called the closing. It is the end of the letter and is like saying goodbye. I hope we get a letter back soon. As I wrote the sentences for the body of the letter, did you notice what type of letter began each sentence?

As we continue writing, we will make sure that the beginning of every sentence has a capital letter. When you write a sentence, you need to make sure your sentences begin with a capital letter, too.

Do this several times to check for understanding. If appropriate, have them write capital letters on the bottom of the page or short sentences that begin with capital letters. Part 2 This lesson can be completed when you receive a letter from the pen-pal classroom.

Remind students that letter writing is a form of communication. When the response letter arrives, meet in the gathering area. If it is in a small format, rewrite it on a large piece of paper prior to reading it to students so they can follow along.

Put your hands on your head. This is the top of your body, and it is like the greeting of the letter because the greeting is at the top of the letter.

Now put your hands on your belly. This is the middle of your body and this can be used to remember that you need a middle to your letter. We call it the body. Last, touch your feet. This is the end of your body, and it is just like the end of the letter.

We call it the closing. So we have the greeting, the body, and the closing.

Informal Letter Writing

To check for understanding, have students circle and label the parts of the letter. Create a chart of capital letters as a class and post it for students to use as a reference. Have students draw a picture for a friend; then they can tell you what they want to say with the picture.

You can help them write the words below the picture. If appropriate, have students draft a letter to a pen pal, whether real or imaginary.

When they are finished, have them label the greeting, the body, and the closing.This lesson offers you some prompts oriented toward getting your ESL students to practice writing letters.

Prompts for Elementary School Students Elementary school students are emergent or. Informal Letter Writing Author Mandeepsingh Kulhria Grade Level Lesson Plan Description Writing of an Informal/Personal Letter at standards is very significant as shortly students will be doing so not only for examination purposes but also for their personal objectives.

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Back. All. Exercise and Fitness. Back Course Type. All. Encouraging children to write letters from an early age will improve their communication, social and handwriting skills, and teach them what they need to know about writing and structuring letters.

Within the KS2 National Literacy Strategy, letter writing is a required element. A lesson plan that presents teaching and learning resources on informal letter writing.

After completing this lesson, the students will be able to: • Differentiate between formal and informal letters. Nov 11,  · A letter to your friend and a cover letter for a job application are written very differently.

Whether you work in business or are taking the general IELTS or CELPIP test, knowing the difference.

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