Women in america today essay

The results were recently announced, and women and diversity were the clear winners.

Women in america today essay

Women in america today essay

Custom Gender Roles in America Today essay paper writing service Buy Gender Roles in America Today essay paper online Gender roles have always been an issue of contention in the society. This is because, since the beginning of life man has dominated over the woman.

From the biblical days, we see that the role of the man in the family was the decision maker, the protector and the bread winner.

The woman, on the other hand, was the home maker. Her role was to give her husband heirs and to care for the family through her cooking, sewing clothes for them, nurturing the young, nursing the sick and so on.

This ideology has been passed on through generations up to date. However, with the beginning of the wars, this trend changed because the men went out to war leaving their women to fend and defend their homes.

This was the beginning of change in the American society. However, even with the change, women were considered weak, thus, were not allowed to work hard jobs, which were considered for men.

Women were given jobs as secretaries, waiters and tailors, but were not allowed to take part in any significant job especially where decision making was involved. Women were brought up to believe they were not as potent as the men, and that there were some careers that they could not handle.

Loveland and Franklin 38 This has changed over time through the introduction of technology as well as massive efforts from feminist groups that have been campaigning for the rights of women in society.

Economic trends have also played a key role in the change. At some point, life became too expensive that both men and women had to take up small jobs to supplement the income that men brought. This changed everything since women discovered that given the chance, they could also succeed in their careers and help out in the home.

Today, women work on the same platform as men. Women are competing with men in all avenues, and some even earn more than men in their workplaces. Women have also adopted the role as bread winners for their families.

Women have stopped sitting at home and have developed ways of embracing their roles as wives and mothers while they also embrace their careers.

Today, there is no definite role for a man or a woman. Both seem equal in all fronts. For example, some women join the army leaving their husbands at home with the children; others work as engineers, pilots and many other jobs that were considered manly in the past.

Today, we have men as prominent chefs, designers and tailors among others. Men seem to have accepted the inevitable changes that have transformed the society and made it as it is today.

Oskamp and Schultz Factors That Contribute to the Social Construction of Gender The change in the social construction of gender was gradual but definite. The economic trends were proving too challenging, and the women had to work to help their men. In other instances, the women had been widowed and had no option but to look for alternatives to sustain their children.

However, this is not the case oday; some women chose to work as a hobby or to fulfill their passion not necessarily because out of necessity. Financial independence is one issue that has pushed many women to look for employment.

Women, on the other hand, feel the need to be financially independent even when married. Thus, most women join colleges and get employed before getting married. This could be attributed to the change in the family values and moral decay that has engulfed the society.

The result of this is that women feel they need a back-up plan just in case their marriage fails. Loveland and Franklin 44 Education has also changed tremendously contributing to the change. Unlike in the early days where women were taught home management skills, today women are taught the same skills that taught to men giving them the same chance to compete for jobs.

Women are taught their rights hence they are able to make sound and informed decisions about the direction they want their lives to take.America Society Culture Feminism Feminist Essays - The Role of Women in American Society.

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Women in america today essay

The Role of Women in American Society Essay. The Role of Women in American Society Essay Today’s American families have broken the Ward and June Cleaver mold, and continue to become stronger and more sufficient.

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