Vulerable immigrant population

Trump would send many undocumented immigrants back where they came fromif he could. Congress must provide billions of dollars for the wall Trump wants to build along the Mexican border, which will require support from Democrats. In essence, Trump is holding the dreamers hostage to his demands for wall money. Some of those voters blame immigrants for taking jobs native-born Americans used to do, for less pay, and eroding middle-class living standards.

Vulerable immigrant population

Medicine It is situational and is greatly affected by personal perception. From the factors mentioned above, socio-economic, health, and geographic locations attribute the most to their vulnerability.

Identifying, who is vulnerable can be extensive as there are no specific guidelines to define vulnerability thereby leaving it open to interpretation. We will write a custom essay sample on Vulnerable Population or any Vulerable immigrant population topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Many groups embody this category such as the poor, mentally ill, drug dependents, undocumented immigrants, the veterans, people with disabilities, women, the young, and the eldery.

The determination who belongs in these category is difficult as there are no standards what makes a person vulnerable thereby making the list boundless.

This paper Vulerable immigrant population focus on the homeless, as one identified vulnerable population and its effect on the health care delivery system. Demographics The term homelessness has a comprehensive definition. The National Coalition for the Homeless website A homeless person is someone who does not have a fixed, regular, and sufficient night-time residence.

Determining the number of homeless in the streets or shelters is a challenge because of the different methods use to yield the information, thus resulting in underestimates of homelessness.

Standardized reporting of data on homelessness was initiated in by the Department of Housing and Urban Development via the Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress, which is released in June of each year National Coalition for the Homeless, Different factors and trends attribute to the rise in number of the homeless.

Poverty and unaffordable housing increase the likelihood of homelessness for certain demographic groups.

Vulerable immigrant population

It is believed that the young, the elderly, and women are the most vulnerable of the groups but homelessness appreciates no boundaries. It can affect people of all ages, regardless of gender, race or ethnicity, income, or educational level. Numbers can vary in different cities, especially in rural areas.

Males are bound to be more exposed to homelessness than women. Tough economic conditions also resulted on declining wages for many workers.

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Most of the states, making minimum wage makes impossible to afford a decent dwelling. The federal definition of affordable housing for a minimum-wage worker is working more than 80 hours a week to sustain a two-bed unit National Coalition for the Homeless, Educational level is also a determinant for homelessness.

It is believed that education has some bearing on the issue because those who lack education has no bargaining power in the job market resulting in unemployment.

Mental health, violence, marital status, addictive disorders, and chronic medical conditions, are other factors that can make this population at an even greater risk for becoming homeless.

It is clear that there is no one description to represent what makes up a homeless person as individual needs may vary, depending on the circumstances that pre-dispose the individual. Barriers, Challenges, and Impact on Health Care Homeless are said to be the most vulnerable because of the increased risk for unfavorable health-related outcomes brought about by unsanitary living conditions.

They are more susceptible in acquiring communicable diseases because of malnutrition, unsafe health practices, and lack of access to medical care.

Aside from the financial aspect, meeting certain eligibility requirements for health coverage provided by the government is unrealistic for them.

Transportation to medical facilities is un-accessible to this population. The homeless population in general has a high incidence of untreated medical condition whether acute or chronic, psychiatric problems, and recreational drug use National Coalition for the Homeless, Delivering medical and emergency services to this population can be a challenge because of lack of permanent dwelling and transportation.

Lack of education, unemployment, limited job skills, substance abuse, medical, and special status in society such as criminal involvement and immigration issues add up to the already challenging face of homelessness. The growing number of the homeless population has resulted in increased need for health services and is impacting the use of emergency services in hospitals all over the country.

The homeless population also account for high degree of hospital admissions because of various conditions, notably psychiatric care, and substance abuse. This crisis has created a huge economic and environmental impact on health care, and there is no apparent resolution in sight.

Stakeholders and the Homeless The stakeholders in this case, the government, insurance companies, hospital organizations, nonprofit organizations, and the consumers are directly affected by the problem. Despite of the challenges, efforts to improve the homeless population has been astounding.

The homeless population in the United States is supported in various ways by governmental and nongovernmental organizations.Immigration. Sold for Parts One of the most dangerous companies in the U.S.

took advantage of immigrant workers. Then, when they got hurt or fought back, it used America’s laws against them. By Sheila Pursglove. Legal News. Veronica Thronson has devoted her law career to helping immigrants.

"Because they're a vulnerable population, immigrants often are a target for scams or are ripped off by people claiming to know the law," she says. A National Web Conference on Using Health IT to Improve Outcomes in Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Populations June 3, pm – pm ET.

Moderator and Presenters Disclosures Moderator: Angela Nunley, immigrant populations is up since Many things can affect one's eligibility for immigration benefits, and they change over time. Third, every immigrant must know their rights.

Vulnerable Residents and Areas

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Jul 25,  · It's no secret that the American population is aging. As the Center for Health Design put it in one of their publications, by , more than 1 in 5 U.S. residents will be counted among the older.

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