The easy way of taking tests

Get to know your instructors. Introduce yourself so that they know you and are aware that the course is vital to you. Make yourself visible — sit near the front of the class and attend regularly.

The easy way of taking tests

See, while April and May are pretty synonymous with the best parts of the school year, like prom and and that weird sense of prison-like camaraderie that finally springs up after spending about nine months with your classmates and that one crazy teacher you have, these months also bring about the worst parts of school.

Possibly even the SAT, if you forgot to sign up for the one that your friends all took in March. April is the cruelest month, after all T. Eliot said that ; maybe you need to know it for your English final?

Passing the ASVAB becomes simple with the right approach

Check out these super easy ways to ace your next test: Skip this Ad Next Plan In Advance Okay, so, if you're looking at this the night before a big test, this piece of advice might not be particularly timely for you.

But if you've got some time, try and plan out your schedule around your tests. Write them down in your planner as soon as you find out about them and, what's more, actually look at your planner. It sounds simple, but it's something that a lot of people forget to do and, subsequently, end up either spending a whole night cramming or being the person who shows up to class without knowing that the final is that day.

But if you're planning for the test a few weeks in advance, you can study a little bit each night leading up to it, which will help you grasp the material better as a whole, too.

Master Test-Taking With These 4 Easy Tips

A UCLA study from found that getting an adequate amount of sleep is actually just as important as studying, if not more so. Basically, if you feel exhausted during a test, it won't really matter how many times you read the textbook the night before. Instead, try to start your studying at least three nights in advance.

Then, try to get a full eight hours of sleep the night before--you'll thank yourself for your final grade. You can pick your ideal testing seat, make sure you've got everything you need to actually take the test, and review your notes beforehand.

Plus, this just helps you get more relaxed before starting the exam--no one wants to be the person who runs into the room a minute after the test starts, only to realize they forgot their protractor, right? This is a good way to get acquainted with the material, see if there are any weird instructions throughout the test, and grasp the central idea of each question.

Plus, spending a few minutes reading without taking any specific action will help you calm down about the test as a whole before you actually dive into it. Not only will this ensure that you're maximizing your points potential, you're starting the most heavy-duty part of the test before you get worn out on other stuff.

Hey, good grades can be built on partial credit.

What are the most effective ways to take notes?

If you come across one, read it over a few times to make sure you really don't understand, then move on. You'll need to come back to it, obviously--make sure you circle it or something to remind yourself--but you don't want to spend so much time on one question that you don't get to other questions and lose points on those, too.

The easy way of taking tests

Then, when you've finished everything else, you can come back to it with a clear head. It's better than no answer at all! Obviously, downing a whole pack of Dentyne Ice before a test shouldn't be your only studying technique, but if you're allowed to, it can't hurt to have a mint while you're taking a test.

Did any of these tips surprise you?

The easy way of taking tests

Let us know in the comments!These tests aren’t easy. The best time to take one of the SAT II tests is right after you’ve finished a year long course in that subject.

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This way the subject matter will still be fresh in your  · MASTERING SKILLS IN TEST-TAKING Mayland Community College SOAR Program 2 Taking practice tests that are typically available on related text websites are very helpful.

Mark easy choices first and eliminate them as you move to the more  · It's natural to feel some stress about taking tests. In fact, sometimes a little adrenaline (a hormone made by your body during times of excitement or stress) is a good thing to jump-start you. Here are some tips for taking Free personality test - take it to find out why our readers say that this personality test is so accurate, “it's a little bit creepy.” No registration required!  · Tips for Taking the Chemistry SAT Subject Test BY Jon Chang ON March 7, IN SAT, SAT Subject Tests In the latest installment of “Jon Explains Subject Tests He Took Over 15 Years Ago,” we hit on the Chemistry SAT Subject Test  · By getting the easy questions out of the way, you’ll feel more confident about the test and have more time to think about the tougher questions.

Start with the objective sections of the exam first (multiple choice, true or false, and matching columns) /chapter/taking-tests.

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