Reflection on learning style essays

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Reflection on learning style essays

Reflection on learning style essays

Reflection They themselves learn lessons each time they teach, evaluating what they do Reflection on learning style essays using these self-critical evaluations to adjust what they do next time.

Why Colleges Succeed, Ofstedpara. Why and how should we do it? LLUK standards This chapter covers, at least, the following standards: What is reflective practice?

In addition, their professional knowledge and understanding includes: As part of their professional practice, they should: Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status requires trainees to begin the practice of continuing professional development CPD right from the start of their training by keeping a development journal.

This practice continues after completion of training; all teachers in lifelong learning are required to provide evidence of a minimum of 30 hours CPD each year in order to maintain their licence to practice. Reflection is the key to successful learning for teachers, and for learners.

As the LLUK standards make clear reflection is an underpinning value and is the key to becoming a professional teacher. A commonsense view of reflection is that it involves just thinking about things.

Reflection is a form of mental processing that we use to fulfil a purpose or to achieve some anticipated outcome.

It is applied to gain a better understanding of relatively complicated or unstructured ideas and is largely based on the reprocessing of knowledge, understanding and, possibly, emotions that we already possess.

Those of you who recall learning to drive will recognise these stages. Mastering, for example, clutch control is a deliberate practice of trying, sometimes failing, trying again, becoming confident, until it eventually becomes an unconscious process. Our teaching careers follow a similar process: Another, uncredited model, suggests a movement through the stages of: Many of our skills, our knowledge and competences will become, like driving a car, second nature.

Success in teaching requires us always to challenge and develop our practice by regular reflection and review. Experience and length of service do not, however, necessarily make an expert; experience needs reflection if we are to become expert teachers. Rollett describes what it means to be an expert teacher.

This is a very useful model and is worth quoting at length: Experts rely on a large repertoire of strategies and skills that they can call on automatically, leaving them free to deal with unique or unexpected events.

The wealth of knowledge and routines that they employ, in fact, is so automatic that they often do not realise why they preferred a certain plan of action over another.

However, when questioned, they are able to reconstruct the reasons for their decisions and behaviour. He believed that traditional education, as then practised in his native America, was rigid, static and inadequate for the rapidly developing society and economy of the time.

The same criticism is frequently made of education today!

Reflection on learning style essays

In How We Think, he states that: Thought affords the sole method of escape from purely impulsive or purely routine action.The following paper will be a personal reflection of my learning style.

Through this forum, I will assess my strengths and showcase some opportunities available to me for growth. Finally, knowing one's learning style can dramatically expand one's knowledge base.

Essays Related to Personal Learning Style. 1. Learning Styles/5(19). The learning styles theory implies that how much individuals learn has more to do with whether the educational experience is geared toward their particular style of learning than whether or not they are “smart.”.

Reflection on learning style essays

Reflection on learning style essays. Posted on October 15, by.

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Feb 17,  · Learning Style Comparison 1 Learning Style Comparison HSN/ Teaching and Learning Strategies Learning Style Comparison 2 Learning Styles Comparison In today’s job market employers are seeking individuals that are ready to take on new positions that require advance training.

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