Philippines the social networking capital of

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Philippines the social networking capital of

This is useful for anyone researching Filipino culture, customs, manners, etiquette, values and wanting to understand the people better. You may be going to the Philippines on business, for a visit or even hosting Filipino colleagues or clients in your own country.

Remember this is only a very basic level introduction and is not meant to stereotype all Filipinos you may meet! Facts and Statistics Location: In spite of being the national language, only about 55 percent of Filipinos speak the language.

In addition to Filipino are about distinct indigenous languages and dialects, of which only about 10 are important regionally. English is generally used for educational, governmental and commercial purposes and is widely understood since it is the medium of instruction in schools.

Philippines the social networking capital of

The Philippines are the third largest group of English speaking people in the world, after the United States and the United Kingdom. Since English is widely spoken in the Philippines, it is common to hear Filipinos use a mixture English and Filipino words or phrases, known as "Taglish" a mixture of English and Tagalogin their everyday conversations.

A steadily dwindling minority still speak Spanish, which had at one time been an official language. People get strength and stability from their family. As such, many children have several godparents.

Concern for the extended family is seen in the patronage provided to family members when they seek employment.

Internet penetration up from 36% to 44% in 201

It is common for members of the same family to work for the same company. In fact, many collective bargaining agreements state that preferential hiring will be given to family members.

Filipino Concept of Shame Hiya is shame and is a motivating factor behind behaviour. It is a sense of social propriety and conforming to societal norms of behaviour.

Filipinos believe they must live up to the accepted standards of behaviour and if they fail to do so they bring shame not only upon themselves, but also upon their family.

One indication of this might be a willingness to spend more than they can afford on a party rather than be shamed by their economic circumstances.

If someone is publicly embarrassed, criticized, or does not live up to expectations, they feel shame and lose self-esteem.

A handshake, with a welcoming smile, is the standard greeting. Close female friends may hug and kiss when they meet.

Use academic, professional, or honorific titles and the person's surname until you are invited to use their first name, or even more frequently, their nickname.

Gift Giving Etiquette If you are invited to a Filipino home for dinner bring sweets or flowers to the hosts. If you give flowers, avoid chrysanthemums and white lilies.The Philippines is Still the Undisputed Text Capital of the World.

Updated on August 9, [email protected] more. Contact Author. Filipinos have become the world’s top users of one of the first and biggest social networking sites in the world, Philippines:Texting capital of the  · Social Media and Politics — Online Social Networking and Political Communi- cation in Asia is a comprehensive and highly topical overview of current developments throughout the region.

this book is more than a snapshot of · The Philippines: Globalization and Migration For the past 25 years rapid changes have affected political, economic and social developments.

Acceleration is seen in vast technological changes, media revolution, global economic All these rapid increases in transnational flow of capital, trade and technology have marked its effects on PH is social networking capital of the world posted May 21, at pm by Manila Standard Lifestyle From being the text-messaging capital of the world, the Philippines has also been recognized as the Social Networking Capital of the World, with more than 93 percent of internet users having their own Facebook account.

INTRODUCTION. Philippines, when it comes to social networking is the hottest topic in the world. Filipinos have dominated the world of social networking whereas they made Philippines as the ³Social Networking Capital´ of the  · Social network penetration is incredibly high in the Philippines, reaching 95%.

Facebook is the country’s most popular website, more so than Google, and has a penetration rate of

Philippines the social networking capital of
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