My first week at my university

Alison Graham August 27, Moving to college is such a whirlwind of emotions. Students are anxious, excited, nervous, happy, sad, and so, so confused. Here are a few tips to make this transition easier, and what I have learned through my first week of dorm life.

My first week at my university

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My feelings in first days at university - Hope Speak

Hopefully you'll learn from my mistakes. My room was large, bare and in the attic. The rest of the night consisted of getting drunk playing Ring of Fire and learning about my 6 other house-mates. No longer was I in Croydon, I was officially a university student with money to spend, a house with six great people and a course that I was sure I would like.

University was different than I expected; I found out what lectures were really like, seminars were definitely ones not to miss and try to get to know some of my course mates. I would go out with everyone on a Friday knowing I had to get up at 6am the next day.

I had done it before back in Croydon, I could do it again but, sometimes you wake up drunk at 6am and stumble into work a state; hung-over included. I think after the incident with a night out and a week old pasta I re-evaluated everything that I was doing. I stopped going on nights out on a Friday and concentrated on getting more sleep but I think by then I was already really jealous of my housemates being at home relaxing on the weekend.

I thought that having a weekend I could maybe switch it off and actually have some me time. Mainly it was because I was only a Christmas temp. I did get some good things out of that job, the other Christmas temps and some of the younger staff were actually quite nice and I was complimented on how good my customer skills were by the customers.

They freaked while I told them that we were doing well. As the weeks went on and the assignments kept on coming with other groups and I learnt that everyone was taking this a lot more seriously than me.


I missed lectures, I missed Financial Reporting a lot and only turned up to seminars and group work because apparently this was fine according to second year students. I mostly listened and smiled a lot. I did get to work with many of my course-mates on group work which got me to talk more and to contribute more.

I have friends through my housemates and my friends back home. I still missed lectures but I made it into the hard subjects like economics and financial reporting the subjects that I should really never do, because I can just about count on my fingers.

My first week at my university

I was happier than I had been in ages. However, my life was a soap opera. I felt like I lived in Hollyoaks. Drama happened left, right and centre.

My grades were still good — I had had two really bad nights out and had been sick once. Little things started to happen though; I was really struggling with economics and financial reporting was a bore. But you do what you can and you carry on.

University timetable was five days a week, three nine am starts. So going home for the month of April really helped. It started when all my lectures and my friend stated this out for me:Sep 15,  · This is one of my longest filmed vlogs yet.

I really didn’t expect to have this much footage and that’s why I had to create 2 parts of the vlog. Reflection of my first year at University I’m about to go into my last exams which start next week (wish me luck!). So, I’m going to ‘reflect’ on my first year, of course the word reflect is silly and I .

The first week of classes at my college is known as Syllabus Week, and I’m sure many other schools practice this same model. You go to your classes during the first week, become acquainted with your classmates and professors, go over the syllabus, and figure out which classes will require the most effort.

How to survive the first week Your first week at university is a key stage in the journey to adulthood, unless you're a mature student, when it's a journey back to being juvenile. My Week at BERNINA University July 5, July 4, of the quilt shops and dealers who attend BU don’t actually make it to market so most of them were seeing it for the first time.

Everyone loved seeing the cool and warm colors of Fandangle in Surplus Strips. My first week at uni. Wednesday 4 October My first week at uni. Relevant to. Undergraduate; I've successfully survived my first week at uni, and I'm absolutely exhausted from it.

The first day was lovely and calm, when the people on my course and the tutors just sat in the main teaching room. Sponsored by University of Plymouth. Into.

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