Moral reasoning using a new version of the heinz story essay

Mark Thornton Burnett and John Manning. On the Political Reception of Hamlet. Hamlet and the Confrontation with the Maternal Body. This is a pyrrhic solution to the problems of embodiedness and familial identity.

Moral reasoning using a new version of the heinz story essay

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Fred Alford bio The origins of my research go back a few years, when I was invited to be a member of a committee charged with developing a new ethics curriculum to be taught in the county schools.

On the committee were ministers, priests, rabbis, several "concerned parents," and I. We met in the conference room of the local school board, which was moderately impressive, sitting in the same chairs the school board members sat in.

Moral reasoning using a new version of the heinz story essay

Other than the ghostly presence of the school board, we were on our own. We began with elementary school students. What should they be taught? General principles were easy enough to agree on, such as "treat other students with respect.

And so it went with this odd conversation. Odd not just because of the extreme cultural relativism, but because not a single member of the ethics committee thought children should hit each other.

Quite the contrary; all were against it. Not only that, but no one could name any actual culture in which students hitting each other was deemed a good thing. It was the very possibility that some culture, somewhere might value the physical expression of difference that stymied most members of the committee.

The committee members had lost presumably they never had confidence in their own ability to judge right from wrong, though this [End Page ] puts it a little too simply.

They themselves were in no doubt about whether children should hit each other. All were against it. But most believed they had no grounds to say something so clear and concrete.

This included the minister, the priest, and the rabbi, all of whom said that according to their religious beliefs it was of course wrong for students to hit each other, but none wished to impose their religious beliefs on others.

In our modern world, morality has been defeated by epistemology, or is it just sociology? Rather than pursue further the motives of this hard working but quite literally demoralized group, I decided to devote my attentions to young men and women. Talking with the young, I mistakenly believed, would lead me closer to the source of citizens' lack of confidence in their own moral judgments, what is sometimes but misleadingly called relativism.

What Informants Said Thirty young people ages eighteen to twenty-eight were my informants, almost equally divided between men and women. Hardly a random sample, they were nonetheless diverse, holding half a dozen different religious beliefs, with family connections all over the globe. Almost one-fourth were first generation Americans—that is, the first generation of their family to be born and bred in America.

More non-whites than in a strictly random sample were interviewed. Though my sample size is too small to draw any conclusions, it is not my impression that race or religion made the slightest difference in how informants answered the questions.

What did seem to make a difference for several informants was being raised by parents with strong continuing ties to traditional Asian, African, or South American cultures. Overall, however, it is the similarity in the beliefs of this demographically diverse group of young people that is most striking.Throughout this essay I will be discussing the actions of Mike McQueary - Moral Reasoning introduction.

Mike McQueary was the one who saw Jerry Sandusky molest a boy in the shower in The actions taken by Mike McQueary to not report the incident to the authorities were wrong and not moral.

McQueary also took. - Morals: Nature vs. Nurture In psychology the story of Heinz has been widely known. A European man whose wife was sick with cancer, Heinz needed to purchase a .

If moral reasoning is “transforming information to reach a moral judgment,” and if this process proceeds in steps such as searching for evidence and then weighing the evidence, then a pair of people discussing a moral issue meets the definition of reasoning.

Moral reasoning using a new version of the heinz story essay

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