Mobile banking survey report

The report, based on a study of 15, mobile media users across 15 countries, shows that mobile banking continues to engage consumers — especially in mobile first markets. E-commerce via mobile is also gaining traction, particularly in mature markets. By contrast, the study found that uptake of proximity payments was still in its infancy.

Mobile banking survey report

The habits and preferences of Chinese tourists are in rapid transition, and the success and failure of countless international retailers depends on their ability to react and adapt to this market segment.

For Chinese consumers, mobile payments are becoming more and more important domestically, and they are increasingly using mobile payments while traveling abroad.

This report delves into the habits of Chinese consumers and international merchants, giving valuable insight into a crucial demographic.

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June Description China is in a period of dramatic change as technology re-defines how millions of Chinese conduct their financial lives.

From payments to wealth management, to insurance, finance has increasingly gone digital. Nowhere is this more evident than in the retail market.

Mobile banking survey report

Since the launch of QR code based mobile payments in China init is rare to find a shop in a tier one or two city that does not accept mobile payments.

Alipay and WeChat Pay have become the platforms of choice for millions of Chinese as they pay for meals, clothing, and more through their phones. The fact that Chinese are spending significant amounts of money abroad is not new, but how they are spending it is.

What started as a Chinese phenomenon has now gone global. Alipay alone is accepted at 80, merchants globally in 70 countries and WeChat at overBased on a survey of over 1, Chinese consumers and over 60 global merchants, this report is the first report to look at the future of Chinese overseas mobile payment usage.

Throughout the report, we examine the key trends and insights to better understand the Chinese overseas digital consumer including their habits and outlook as well as provide specific recommendations for global merchants to better address the needs of these consumers.

This report should deliver incredible insight to anyone whose business deals with overseas Chinese tourists.Previous edition: Mobile Consumer Survey The smartphone is a mere decade old, and with every year has become ever more integral to people’s lives.

It has become more versatile, absorbing a growing range of functions, from communication to navigation, from breaking global news to . Consumers in rural areas of the UK are far less likely to use their smartphones for banking than their urban counterparts, a survey says.

The findings, from the UK's financial regulator, are set. Chase today announced that its all-mobile bank, Finn by ChaseSM is now available nationwide to iOS users, offering millions of consumers a fully digital banking experience that helps them spend smarter and save better.

as discovered in the latest Business Leaders Outlook report from Chase for Business. The survey found 29% of small.

The report, based on a study of 15, mobile media users across 15 countries, shows that mobile banking continues to engage consumers – especially in mobile first markets. 69% of mobile media users globally carried out a banking activity via mobile in , up 3% year-on-year; In Indonesia the figure was 80%, in Nigeria 85% and Kenya an.

Mobile is already the largest banking channel by volume of transactions and its adoption by new customers is entering an exceptionally rapid phase. A survey (pdf) by McKinsey and Company found that across ASEAN (Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, .

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