Marketing and pizza

Are you getting your share? It is safe to say, pizza pretty much sells itself. But here is the challenge — If you are the 2 out of every 3 pizzerias in America that are independently owned, you face growing competition from local businesses and large chains. The strategy should include both proven conventional restaurant promotion ideas and newer innovative ways to market your restaurant.

Marketing and pizza

Proper marketing can bring in more customers, but it also can be costly.

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To start an effective marketing campaign, you'll need to balance the cost with the return on investment. Think about your customer base and what types of marketing might appeal to them. The more buzz you can create about your pizza, the more pies you'll sell.

Coupons can bring customers to a business, but as Jennifer Wiebe of Speedline Solutions found through extensive interviewing, there's no standard coupon that works across the board. Some areas will respond better to a buy-one, get-one free offer while others will respond to a discount offer.

The key to successful couponing is to test what works best in your area. Print fliers with different types of coupons and gauge which ones customers use the most. Send the fliers directly to mailboxes or hang them on doors. Charity Joint Ventures Find a local charity that you can work with.

The charity refers customers to you by sending out special fliers to its members. In turn, you donate a portion of sales to the charity. Community Events Have a presence at events in your community to increase awareness about your pizza brand.

Become a sponsor of a summer music festival, for example, and sell your pizza inside the venue. Join an event that focuses on local restaurants, such as the Houston Taste of the Nation event. Give out free samples along with coupons for their next purchases. Social Media Marketing Take your marketing online to get more customers.

Ask customers to sign up for a mailing list that will make them eligible for special deals and coupons. When they opt into receiving e-mail, advertisements can be sent to them regularly. Build a profile for your pizza business on social networking websites and ask customers to "friend" you.

When a customer does this, all of his friends see that he did that and may click through to your profile. Offer special deals on the profile and remind customers that it's a good time to buy pizza. Magnets There's stiff competition in areas such as Houston, Dallas and Austin.

You may need to work harder to get potential customers to remember your offers. One way is to give away magnets that have your shop's phone number and address listed.

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Customers are likely to keep magnets, and when they want a pizza, your number will be front and center.Take Forno Bravo authentic wood fired ovens on the road with you with one of these mobile pizza ovens! Read all about these trailer mounted pizza ovens now.

The pizza restaurant industry is saturated with a large number of sizable chain stores, small mom-and-pop shops and everything else in between.

Marketing and pizza

Gaining a foothold in your local pizza market. The pizza restaurant industry is saturated with a large number of sizable chain stores, small mom-and-pop shops and everything else in between. Gaining a foothold in your local pizza market.

Monday night, the Twitter account belonging to DiGiorno Pizza saw the #WhyIStayed hashtag trending and apparently decided to tweet about its pizza with it. nFusion is an Austin-based marketing agency that helps brands create compelling customer experiences to drive growth.

Marketing Strategy of Pizza Hut uses a mix of geographical and psychographic segmentation variables to make its products available of in the market. Yum Brands which is the parent company of the Pizza Hut and have KFC and Teco Bell brand in its brand portfolio, is helping Pizza Hut in exploiting the resources.

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