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Imamiya re write anime

Kaori Fukuhara Portrayed by: Despite being child-like in stature, she is considered one of the national-class monsters, and brought Kazekoshi's dominance to an end last year.

Her special ability can prevent opponents from tenpaibut her primary ability is to win via haitei raoyue. This ability is further enhanced the close it is to a full moon.

Winning in this manner tends to invoke despair in opponents as they appear helpless to stop the eventual win at the very end. Koromo had lost both of her parents at a younger age, and despite being brought in by Touka mainly kept to herself.

Touka tried to use mahjong as a tool to help her make friends, but because of her playing style she winds up being feared by many people - including her own teammates.

imamiya re write anime

As a result imamiya re write anime only sees mahjong as a mere game for her to crush her opponent until Saki is able to befriend her by teaching her the fun of playing mahjong. Her birthday is September 6. Koromo acts like a child despite being the oldest among the members of the team.

She sleeps for 12 hours a day. Mariya Nagao Touka is a second year student who is the president of the club and plays the vice-captain position. The daughter of the principal and grand-daughter of the founder, her family is quite rich which is reflected in her personality using formal speech as well as drinking tea like a noblewoman.

Despite her attitude, she can get wrapped up in activities such as ping-pong when she defeated everyone despite stating that she viewed it as a commoner's game.

She once played a RTS game for 6 days straight just to get to top As part of the noblewoman persona, she tends to try and draw attention to herself while at the same time begrudging other who seem to draw attention to themselves. This manifests itself into an obsession with Nodoka who gets all the attention at the prefectural tournament as last year's individual champion.

This is further exaggerated when Touka determines that Nodoka and the online avatar Nodocchi are the same person. But in contrast to her somewhat snobby attitude, Touka does care a lot for others taking in Hajime and Koromo Amae, as well as her reasons for entering the team tournament - though if anyone ever mentions it to her, she vehemently denies it.

Her birthday is September Touka's playing style is similar to Nodoka in that she plays a fair amount of online mahjong. She uses a careful approach to obtain easily winnable hands. What differs is that she uses her emotions to ride the flow of the table when going up against strong opponents.

However, Touka can enter what her friends call a "cold state" where she utilizes her flow control without the hindrance of emotion.

This increases her ability so much that she can easily dominate very strong opponents like Saki, Koromo and even Fujita. The problem is that in this state she loses consciousness after a few games and cannot recall anything she did while in her cold state.

She is brought in by Touka as a second chance to play mahjong. This comes about as when she had played previously, she used her sleight-of-hand abilities to cheat during a tournament and thus had stopped playing.

While Hajime took the offer, Touka chained her hands together severely limiting her overall reach in order to prevent her from using her sleight-of-hand. She is a maid in the Ryuumonbuchi Household.

From her time when she was younger, she had worn a moon tattoo on her cheek though after playing against Koromo she took it off and now wears a star instead. Since being brought in by Touka, she now consider her mahjong team as a family. She placed 11 in the final Nagano Prefectural Individual Tournament.

Rie Kaneko Tomoki is a second year student and plays the sergeant position.


Tomoki has a developed figure, but dresses to cover her features and is seen most of the time on her subnotebook.The following is a list of characters that appear Ritz Kobayashi's manga and anime series, Saki, which revolves around a girl named Saki Miyanaga who joins a mahjong club, as well as its spin-off manga and anime series, Saki: Achiga-hen - Episode of Side A.

List of Rewrite episodes The Rewrite anime television series is based on the visual novel of the same name by the Japanese visual novel brand Key.

imamiya re write anime

Kagari gets Kotarou to show her around the city to help in finding herself, but they are followed around by Arata Imamiya from Guardian, Kotori's dog Chibi-Moth, and Pani and Gil per Sakuya's.

I finished the heroine routes of Rewrite today. Here is my spoiler free review. If you have read Umineko, you’re aware of how talented Ryukishi07 is at writing moving romance.

To my surprise, Lucia’s route was the most romantic. I don't know how the Clannad or Little Busters VNs are structured since I've only seen the anime, but I. Rewrite Anime Confirms Return of Game Cast In a lot of ways he re feature 2 comments.

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I finished the heroine routes of Rewrite today. Here is my spoiler free review. : visualnovels