Ethical and professional aspects of counselling work

We also hold seminars and workshops for therapists and other health professionals.

Ethical and professional aspects of counselling work

Both Diploma level courses are structured in a way that enables students to study and practice using computer mediated counselling skills using a variety of communication platforms, promoting understanding of professional,ethical, legal requirements for this medium of therapeutic practice,and building computer mediated therapeutic relationships.

Successful completion of either training route equips students with all necessary skills and knowledge to begin practicing with clients via the internet. Both programmes are included on the ACTO directory for approved counselling training. Subject content for both courses includes: The programmes include skills for offering therapy to clients by email, IM, and webcam.

The OCST1 course, offers an experiential individual learning programme, with start dates throughout the year to suit your availability. Online supervision for role play activities is included within the training programme.

The tutor has been in practice with e-clients since and providing the OCST training since Students of online counselling training UK complete all aspects of study by distance learning which is supported by weekly course meetings with the tutor, using Skype.

Explore life experiences and gently discover a positive way forward…

You can choose which course will best suit your needs,availability, and time commitments. Each course offers hours of CPD. The OCST2 course, involves an experiential shared group experience with specific start dates throughout the calendar year.

The course is very comprehensive, and I learned everything the guide she provided said I would plus my face-to-face skills also improved.

I learned in such a way that the new knowledge and skills stayed with me, helping me start and run a successful private practice with confidence. I found Jane very easy to get on with as the warmth of her personality was quite tangible in our instant messaging calls and emails, she was kind when I made mistakes.

This, I feel, makes her way of working with others a helpful model for my own practice. I would thoroughly recommend working with her as an online tutor in the well-designed courses she offers.

Because of the nature of crisis and loss, it can be difficult for people to seek a face-to-face encounter particularly when intense emotions are often the presenting problem.

I value this online training course in all of its aspects; the programme itself which enabled me, step by step, to be able to train as an online counsellor as well as the variety of appropriate material and the practice with other students in roleplay. I believe this is a well- designed course that enables someone such as myself with little tech.

I would highly recommend the course for anyone considering becoming an online therapist and cannot imagine how anyone could practice safely or competently without taking a course of this type. I also offer consultancy services for individual practitioners and organisations who are intending to establish a computer mediated therapeutic service for clients.

OCST provides training opportunities for those who are new to working with clients using this medium, and also for professionals who wish to extend their existing knowledge and experience.

SPTI: BSc (Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy

A Practical Resource for Trainees and Practitioners'. Copies can be purchased from Amazon Uk: Purchase a copy Please contact me if you would like any further information on online counselling uk, online counselling supervision uk, online counselling training uk, Online Counselling Supervision training courses which I provide: Contact Jane Evans If you are facing a personal crisis and require immediate support please contact the Samaritans by using the link provided: Depending on which of the OCST services you access you will be provided with copies of the relevant privacy notice which applies.The Turner Centre is a private counselling & psychotherapy centre with over 30 highly experienced, professional and qualified counsellors, psychotherapists and clinical and counselling psychologists specialising in a range of emotional difficulties as well as providing clinical supervision to qualified therapists and other health care professionals as well as support workers and behavioural.

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Ethical and professional aspects of counselling work

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Helping Students After Crisis: Get resources for helping students in the aftermath of hurricanes and floods. Get resources for helping students in the aftermath of a shooting. This is the full text of the Ethical Framework. Follow the link in each section for additional information, FAQs and resources.

All members commit to complying with this framework as part of their terms and conditions of membership. It is the main point of reference for decisions in professional.

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