Essay on winterguard

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Essay on winterguard

Winter Guard Color guard is the visual and the non musical part of a marching band show. Color guard consists of spinning either a three and one half pound rifle or a five and one half foot flag outside, striving for perfection and consistency.

The season starts in the summer and is continued through the fall football season. The enduring practices and heat makes it difficult for some people to give it their all, but at the same time it also helps you to push yourself.

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If someone does not wish to commit or be the best that they can, they will not survive in marching band color guard. During marching competition the color guard performs the show that they performed during the season and the guard gets judged based on their performance with the band.

Essay on winterguard

Also before and after the marching band puts on their show the guard sits in the stands with the band and dances with the band as they play different songs. The performances are indoors on gym floors and instead of spinning to traditional marching band music, the guard spins to recordings of different music and genres.

The gym floor is normally covered by a theme originated tarp called a floor or mat that generally reflects the show. The guard sometimes performs barefoot or they wear jazz shoes.

Winter guards compete with only with other guards in their class.

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Classes are based on skill level. The similarities color guard and winter guard share are meeting new people that go through the same exact things and conditions as one another. Both activities include the spinning and twirling of flags, sabers, rifles and other props.

The techniques that are used for spinning in color guard are most defiantly used for the winter guard season. Color guard and winter guard includes dancing, so when objects are not being spun the guard member is dancing.

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Winter guard is similar to color guard, except the season stars in the winter and continued though out the spring.

The performances are indoors on gym floors and instead of spinning to traditional marching band music, the . Essay on winterguard. Manet olympia essay analysis do the march of dimes support abortion essay tatua essays mazya swapnatil bharat essay help education and poverty reduction essay.

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Essay on winterguard

You must have participated in colorguard or winterguard for at least 1 season You must complete the application and submit your essay Click here to apply to our scholarship! Please complete the necessary contact, group and school information, answer 4 essay questions, upload the items above and then submit the application.

All documents must be submitted at time of application.

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