Electrical submersible pump survival analysis

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Electrical submersible pump survival analysis

The depth of the well and Electrical submersible pump survival analysis program has a big impact on the amount of VDL required, as will water depth. Complicated mud programs requiring changing of mud systems will necessitate more volume and space. It is not uncommon for a development MODU to have three types of mud on board.

For floating rigs, storing the entire volume of the marine riser adds significant weight and space requirements to the MODU as water depths increase.

In general, jackupsexcept for the new premium units, have the least VDL capabilities. The range of VDL for jackups Table 1 runs from 1, to 2, short tons. For semis Table 2the VDL ranges from 2, to 4, short tons for older units and 4, to more than 7, short tons for newer-generation units.

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Metocean data must be obtained and used in an industry standard analysis program like that published by API or other recognized authorities. For Dynamic Positioning DP operations, the operating limits of the system must be compared against the metocean and the return periods of major events.

DP stationkeeping, unlike spread-mooring systems, functions so that the unit either maintains location or is steadily forced off location.

There is no in-between when reaching the maximum capabilities of the unit.

Electrical submersible pump survival analysis

For spread-moored units, as the MODU moves off location because of increasing environmental forces, the mooring system increases in restoring force; however, the offset from the well may be too great to manage the marine-riser system safely.

The mooring and marine riser work hand-in-hand; therefore, a riser analysis in accordance with an industry standard such as API should be done. If the MODU appears to be more than adequate for the proposed location, drilling contractors can usually supply the analysis and guidance.

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For more challenging locations, a number of competent engineering firms can conduct studies and give guidance as to the acceptability of a specific MODU under consideration.

Classification societies Country of registration Regulations by various bodies A unit may be able to work in the Gulf of Mexico GOMbut not be rated for the environment or regulatory requirements in the North Sea.

Most MODUs can operate in temperate and mild environments, but such areas as the North Sea and west of the Shetlands are restrictive to many units. Some third-world countries do not have any regulatory requirements, and the regulations that do exist are loosely enforced.

Pollution and environmental requirements can be major considerations. Some countries, such as Australia and Italy, have very strict rules concerning matters such as:Beedy Yes the service manual does supply the information but they will need to be able to conduct the chemical analysis and therefore need the Dissolved Oxygen test kit, Ph test kit and Turbity sight tube and then need to be able to assess the health of the unit and apply corrective actions as required.

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ELECTRICAL SUBMERSIBLE PUMP SURVIVAL ANALYSIS MICHELLE PFLUEGER Petroleum Engineer, Chevron Corp. & Masters Degree Candidate Advisor Dr. Jianhua Huang With help from PHD Candidate Sophia Chen . Stationkeeping Equipment and Marine Riser Tension.

For spread-moored MODUs, analysis must be done in relationship to the environment required for it to withstand and hold station in drilling, standby, and survival modes. Shop from the USA, UK or India.

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