Dumbed down by celebrity infatuation

History[ edit ] The term "celebrity worship syndrome" first appeared in an article 'Do you worship the celebs? James Chapman refers to CWS, but in fact this is a misunderstanding of a term used in the academic article to which he refers Maltby et al. Nonetheless Chapman may be generally correct. A syndrome refers to a set of abnormal or unusual set of symptoms indicating the existence of an undesirable condition or quality.

Dumbed down by celebrity infatuation

This is accelerated by the presence of social media and 24 hours global news networks, which makes the push for original content that attracts audiences and therefore advertising revenues increasingly focused on sensational headline grabbing rather than in-depth consideration of complex themes.

That squeezes out op-ed room for serious people discussing subjects within their fields of expertise. It must be what people click on so they keep[ getting bombarded with it. Let us be clear: The evening TV news and weekend public affairs shows are still run as journalistic enterprises, but the morning and evening public affairs programs are no longer close to being so.

The Mediaworks platforms are particularly egregious, with the morning program looking like it was pulled out of a Miami Vice discard yard and staffed by two long-time newsreaders joined by a misogynistic barking fool, all wearing pancake makeup that borders on clownish in effect.

Its rival on state television has grown softer over the years, to the point that in its latest incarnation it has given up on having its female lead come from a journalistic background and has her male counterparts engaging as much in banter as they are discussing the news of the day.

The TV3 evening show features a pretty weathergirl and a slow-witted, unfunny comedian as part of their front-line ensemble, with a rotating cast of B-list celebrities, politicians and attention-seekers engaging in yuk yuk fests interspersed with episodic discussion of real news.

There is nothing on the line but ratings and future employment negotiations. Non-affiliated people who submit op ed pieces to newspapers are regularly told that there is no pay for their publication or are made to jump through hoops to secure payment.

This was not always the case, with payments for opinion pieces being a global industry norm. Should expert analysis of news and current affairs be a paid for commodity? That risks getting the opinions of the lowest bidders.

Rather than a sounding board for an eclectic lineup of informed opinion, editorial pages are now increasingly used as megaphones to broadcast predictably well-known ideological positions with little intellectual grounding in the subjects being discussed.

I thought that editorials were either the opinion of the editor, or more commonly a composite opinion of the editorial board or team. With over-enrolled journalism schools churning out dozens of graduates yearly, that leaves little entry room and few career options for serious reporters.

The rush is on to be telegenic and glib, so the trend looks set to continue. Style over substance, with new recruits being a lot cheaper than seasoned old hacks.

With radio and print media branching out into video presentations, and with the multi-tasking across platforms of the personality properties, and with the continued fragmentation of media, this is likely to continue.

This is not just an indictment of the mass media and those who run and profit from it. It undermines the ability of an educated population to make informed decisions on matters of public import, or at least have informed input into the critical issues of the day.

Perhaps that is exactly what the media and political elites intend. Most of it revolves around marketing. They are selling sound bites and trivial entertainment in order to buy business or votes.Nov 17,  · Reply to: Celebrity Cruises Dress code "dumbing down" Your message.

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Ask a question Recent Conversations. Oct 15,  · Why Celebrity Gossip & News Is Keeping People Dumbed-Down REAL TALK & BUSINESS.

Dumbed down by celebrity infatuation

Why Celebrity Gossip & News Is Keeping People Dumbed-Down. Category Celebrity Worship Is A Biological Trick. Is it a Problem that I’m 56 Years Old and Infatuated With a Celebrity?

Dr Joseph M Carver, PhD. then gradually fade out as your stress level goes down. In clinical experience, our brain tends to repeat the same pattern when it comes to obsessive/compulsive symptoms — with some people becoming phobic under stress, .

Dumbed Down By Celebrity Infatuation This essay Dumbed Down By Celebrity Infatuation is available for you on Essayscom! Search Term Papers, College Essay Examples and Free Essays on Essayscom - full papers database. Dumbed Down by Celebrity Infatuation. Topics: Celebrity, Paris Hilton, People Pages: 6 ( words) Published: March 18, The influence on the mass media has tainted our views on what the real issues are.

Topics that should be circulating the news circuit are put in the back burner behind the latest celebrity scandal, wardrobe malfunction. Oct 15,  · Why Celebrity Gossip & News Is Keeping People Dumbed-Down REAL TALK & BUSINESS.

Why Celebrity Gossip & News Is Keeping People Dumbed-Down. Category List of Celebrities Who Died In JUNE.

A dumbed down celebrity culture?