Concert experience

Critical response[ edit ] Timberlake performing in February Farber described the concert as a "study in suave ease. Starting with ' Pusher Love Girl ,' Timberlake exuded a sweatless charm.

Concert experience

Arriving at the Garden for any event is always an anxiety-inducing production. How else could a fellow concertgoer have come so readily prepared? Up three escalators, and past the food vendors, fans lined-up in front of green screens to take photos of themselves in some GOT-themed virtual set-up, and couples hurried hand-in-hand, beers in tow into the arena.

The stage was an impressive sight: Those willing to pay VIP prices sat on the stage floor, either in seats right beneath the orchestra or tables adorned with various family crests such as Stark, Lannister or Greyjoy.

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House banners illuminated the screens before the show started. The center of the stage opened up and colorful storm of clouds swirled and blew across the screens. Sparks accompanied by the pangs of clashing metal flew up from the pit, and as the Iron Throne rose up the crowd began to rumble.

Picture the fans just losing it. The orchestra hung on the frenzied violin repetitions as the map of Westeros unfolded and the Throne rotated below. White Walkers, White Walkers! Alanna Martinez Case in point: It still sucked, and it stung just as sharply as it did the first time I watched it—maybe even more, because this time it was accompanied by crystal clear orchestral accompaniment.

For a night that was essentially just a classical music concert gussied up with stage magic and geekery, audience participation was through the roof.

Game of Thrones fans are a passionate bunch. When Jon Snow awoke from the dead, the man in the seat next to me jumped to his feet and gave a standing ovation and thunderous applause.

But they were pretty spectacular and it was well worth the wait. I was seated a good distance from the stage and still felt the immediate searing heat as fireballs shot past the choir.

Concert experience

There was Joffrey mehNed no! Yes, last night was certainly a night to remember. The Mother of Dragons on the jumbotron.Buy Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience tickets from the official site.

Find Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience tour schedule, concert details, reviews and photos/5(). The Concert Experience and the Song as Oral Tradition Essays - The Concert Experience and the Song as Oral Tradition Before the invention of written language that enabled the creation of book technology, the spoken word was the leading edge of communication.

It was the fruit of experience, of knowledge, of demonstration. "No one has ever come back," we say, "to tell us what his experience has been," and we drop the subject there.

A vague unrest and dissatisfaction with her Christian experience were growing on her. January Concert Forecast. Start the new year right by checking out shows in the PVD/Boston area!Continue Reading →. Music is here! Get your tickets to the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience in a city near you!

Apr 22,  · Prince had me by the heart from the moment I walked into the Fox Theater in Atlanta last week.

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