Coffee college essay

Caffeine Introduction When you ingest and metabolize caffeine into your body, you are setting up a cause and effect situation, the result of which makes you more alert and makes it harder for you to sleep. Cause Cause — You ingest the caffeine It is most commonly ingested via a liquid, but you may also buy caffeine pills and there are certain edible items that have caffeine in them. Taurine is commonly mistaken for caffeine; however, taurine is more likely to be excreted more quickly via the kidneys, meaning that it is not as much of a stimulant as caffeine. It is also possible and more likely that you will have a caffeine crash, whereas it is harder to have a taurine crash.

Coffee college essay

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How to Write coffee college essay Summary of an Article? The coffee spill 1. What are the major issues in the Liebeck case and in the following incidents? The major issues in this case include how hot the coffee should be, when to draw the line on making a case outrageous and how corporations are supposed to please customers without worrying about being sued.

I believe that the lawsuit was frivolous because of the amount of money that was being asked for. How does a company give consumers what they want and yet protect them at the same time? Any business should keep the safety of their customers in mind and if an incident does occur, take responsibility.

Consumers are responsible for situational awareness. They should pay more attention to what they are doing and if something does occur, consumers should act within reason and not try to get every cent from the company they can. It is impossible to keep everyone happy.

It was also stated that Liebeck failed to leap out of the seat allowing the coffee to penetrate her clothing and burning her. A burn expert for Liebeck stated that degree coffee is capable of causing second degree burns within 3. It was also argued that complaints, equal to one in every 24 million cups sold, is trivial.

If you had been a juror in the Liebeck case, which position would you most likely have supported? What if you had been a juror in the pickle burn case?

I feel that people should show a little more common sense when they order food. What are the similarities and differences between the coffee burn case and the pickle burn case? Does one represent a more serious threat to consumer harm? Both the coffee case and the pickle burn case have one big thing in common.

Both cases are based on the same complaint, too hot, but the burns resulted from different sources. As I stated above, fast food restaurants should make labels larger as well as give a verbal warning.

coffee college essay

Maybe they should make the entire wrapper or cup a warning. I cannot however agree to lower the temperature.

coffee college essay

I feel that if a customer wishes to have a cooler beverage, ask the server to pour a little cool water in it to cool it off. As far as food is concerned, consumers should have the common sense to wait. I think that the Stella awards are funny. They show us what people are willing to sue over and how outrageous the cases can be.

The serious problem that I see is people are losing more and more common sense and businesses are paying for it. What are the implications of these cases for future product-related lawsuits? We live in a society that is growing older.

Does this fact place a special responsibility on merchants who sell products to senior citizens? I feel that we are living in a world where businesses are responsible for consumer carelessness and accidents. Senior citizens should be warned over and over if a product is hot but should not place a special responsibility on merchants that sell to senior citizens.Nov 22,  · Your college application essay is a crucial component of your application.

Selecting your healthcare school personal statement topic is an intimidating step! . It is common sense that when you order coffee or any other hot beverage that contents will be hot. I feel that it was the fault of Liebeck and although this is the case, McDonald’s should have paid the medical bills and settled out of court before it was blown out of proportion.

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