Analysis of the case nivea for men developing a marketing plan

Imagery Early ads established the image of the Nivea woman as clean, fresh, and natural. Over time, Nivea ads were altered to reflect change in self-images and lifestyle. For example, when German women were becoming more athletic, Nivea began to show women in more outdoor and active setting.

Analysis of the case nivea for men developing a marketing plan

For almost a century, if ever they do make it tothey have always made a dedication to just one market of the world, women. But when intheir owner company Beinersdoft introduced a new market strategy which in later rivaling companies soon followed which was their take on the other dominant side of the world, the men.

Robert Keith said that the customers are the center of the working basis; we strive to satisfy and build more customers.

To start off their new product plan, management teams used strategies to achieve their objectives. They put emphasis on their background knowledge on skincare to futher enhance and develop more products for the growing demographic of male skin users, and this is why they still lead as the leading skin care product for men.

Another target of their marketing strategy for their new products was promotion.

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But what they did was both intriguing and unique. Not only did they do the usual billboards, television radio, and paper ads, but they placed these ads in sports venues such as stadiums, fields, and events, places where men go.

Analysis of the case nivea for men developing a marketing plan

They supported the football events through its partnership with power leagues such as Manchester United, which is the most popular sport in United Kingdom. Through this, they build a wider, more positive relationship with men. Ending this promotion scheme created stronger brand affinity for Nivea for men.

Analysis of the case nivea for men developing a marketing plan

They used research data to forecast the trends, which can help them to set the specific targets for the increasing sales, growing market share and improving its brand image. Another objectives of the Nivea for men is their brand image, good quality products that are reliable, user friendly and good value for money which clearly places itself as the target of market of consumers.

The theory Neil H. Borden relates here, which is that a company must use the marketing mix which is: He implies in his article that Marketing Mix helps in making marketing a lot easier. In the case of Nivea they improve the product and the promotion so that they can gain more users on their products and the Nivea for men was made it successfully.

They use their strategy in an intellectual and innovative way in making promotion and product. The marketing plan of Nivea made a greater contribution not only growth of the company but to building a whole new market. They are not just produce or create aftershave products but they expand their products in different categories such as facial cleansing products, shaving products, face care products, hair care gels, body care products and deodorants.

They expanded the market not only with new products but their tactics to develop and dominate a whole new market. This entry was posted on October 3, You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site.Case Study Name (required) Order Type (required) Case Study Solution Marketing Plan Book/Movie/Article Review Formatting Powerpoint Presentation Assignment Urgency (required) 14+ Days 10+ Days 7 Days 4 Days 48 Hours 24 Hours.

Oct 03,  · In ,Nivea For men expanded, developing a full range of male skin care products, because of the growing interest from male consumers, thus this not only taking a market risk but on the good side, they did actual dated analysis of the market. TOWS analysis: Developing strategies for your SWOT analysis How to conduct a SWOT analysis To get the most complete, objective results, a SWOT analysis is best conducted by a group of people with different perspectives and stakes in your company.

The goal of the marketing plan for is to establish a clear plan of action to grasp as many people’s attention as possible to increase the revenue for the Salon.


The owner has established a sales volume increase goal of 15% over and a goal of securing new reward card members, in addition to retain the current members. Nivea for Man, as a skin care product for men, keeps identical with Nivea’s original brand image.

Moreover, since Nivea was introduced as a product that could be used by the entire family, customers usually associate Nivea with shared family experience. May 23,  · NIVEA FOR MEN (Business case studies ) Every marketing cycles ends with an evaluation, this final stage is to understand and correctly measure the result of marketing activities compared to the set targets and objectives.

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