An analysis of the painting among the sierra nevada mountains in california by albert bierstadt

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An analysis of the painting among the sierra nevada mountains in california by albert bierstadt

This object is currently on view. Description Albert Bierstadt established his reputation painting the grandeur and unspoiled wilderness of the West. In an report to Congress on the preservation of the Yosemite Valley, noted landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted claimed: In the panoramic Sierra Nevada, a family of three deer stands at the edge of clear blue-green waters.

High above them are the snowcapped Sierra Nevada mountains. A cool palette imparts a serene quality to the canvas and tempers any sense of danger in the sublime natural setting.

Beneath the surface, the water reveals submerged limbs and rocks in the right mid-ground, as well as reflections of the mountains and the waterfall at the center. Despite its horizontal orientation, the composition is overwhelmingly vertical. The vastness of the peaks is emphasized by the interspersed clouds.

The massive rocky forms dwarf the wildlife below, and the substantial waterfall appears small against the high rock face. Tightly rendered brushstrokes record minute details throughout the composition, keeping the viewer fully engaged in the spectacular view. Artists like Bierstadt often travelled with geological survey expeditions to record rarely encountered vistas.

The grand paintings that resulted charmed the nation and promoted the preservation of scenic land as national parks. Artist Bio In the period following the Civil War, landscape painters such as Thomas Moran and Albert Bierstadt — unwittingly helped to shape public policy and inspired the conservation of large tracts of land.

Their dramatic vistas of western scenery promoted tourism and sparked the establishment of the National Parks System. At the height of his career, Bierstadt earned more money for his paintings than any other American artist.

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Sadly, by the end of the century, the demand for his kind of grandiose statement had dwindled and he became a forgotten figure.

There was little public interest in his work again until the s when the Florence Lewison Gallery in New York City organized an exhibition.

Bierstadt was born in Solingen, Germany, but came to the United States in During this time, Bierstadt developed his entrepreneurial savvy. He offered drawing lessons for three dollars and also collaborated with artist George Harvey on a picture show that projected landscapes for a paying audience.

He traveled throughout the Alpine regions of Germany, an experience that helped to shape his landscapes of the American West. After his return to the United States inBierstadt began his work as an artist-explorer in earnest.

Inhe travelled with Frederick W. That same year, he moved into the Tenth Street Studio Building, a prestigious address equipped specifically for artists. His early western landscapes, the product of his sketches made during the survey expedition, received little critical acclaim.

However, another trip west into the Yosemite and San Francisco territories yielded paintings that received high praise and tremendous commercial success. InBierstadt was commissioned by the federal government to adorn the United States Capitol building with an image entitled The Discovery of the Hudson.

Despite this considerable success, however, Bierstadt and his style of painting fell victim to a shift in taste toward simpler, smaller canvases influenced by the French Barbizon School.

Byhe was bankrupt, and by the time of his death inwas all but forgotten.

An analysis of the painting among the sierra nevada mountains in california by albert bierstadt

The magnificent scenery depicted by Bierstadt and his contemporaries prompted the government to preserve western lands. Many of the views he immortalized on canvas are little changed today by virtue of National Park System. Through the better expression of the brush we can now form some idea of it, Mr.

An analysis of the painting among the sierra nevada mountains in california by albert bierstadt

Ferber, and Helena Wright, Albert Bierstadt: Hudson Hills Press in association with the Brooklyn Museum, Reynolda House American Paintings. American Originals New York: Abbeville Press Publishers, Kennedy Galleries, October Ferber, and Helena Wright.This painting Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains California by the German born American artist Albert Bierstadt.

Finished in , it depicts a landscape in the vast Sierra Nevada mountain range which straddles California and Nevada, running almost miles north to south, and which today encompasses various national parks including Yosemite.

Albert Bierstadt Jan 7, - Feb 18, ; Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California - Albert Bierstadt was a German-American painter best known for his lavish, sweeping landscapes of the American West. To paint the scenes, Bierstadt joined several journeys of the Westward Expansion.

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Albert Bierstadt (January 7, - February 18, ) was a German-American painter best known for his large landscapes of the American West. In obtaining the subject matter for these works, Bierstadt joined several journeys of the Westward Expansion.

Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California by Alfred Bierstadt, on the other hand, uses a different style and is a different representation of nature’s potential. It represents natures ultimate awesomeness; its singular ability to make a person confront their insignificance.

Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California - ALBERT BIERSTADT - Landscape painting in the Hudson River School. - American romantic - Signature style is landscapes of Western land.

- Promotes Manifest Destiny, the U.S. is a special place apart. Free essays & term papers - Analysis of Albert Bierdstats Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, Art.

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