An analysis of the appeal of who wants to be a millionaire a television show

Test your wits and win big. The game is rated "E" for Everyone. And just like the contestants on the TV game show, players will also experience the pressure of hearing the host ask the signature catchphrase: The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire franchise is one of the most internationally popular television franchise of all time, and has been licensed or optioned in countries.

An analysis of the appeal of who wants to be a millionaire a television show

It can also be a person who owns 1 million units of currency in one bank account or savings account.

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A multimillionaire has a net worth of more than two million units of currency and a hectomillionaire has a net worth of more than million units of currency, but the technically incorrect centimillionaire net worth of 10 thousand units, strictly speaking is more often used to mean the same thing.

While statistics regarding financial assets and net worth are presented by household, the term is also often used to describe only the individual who has amassed the assets as millionaire.

That is, even though the term statistically refers only to households, common usage is often in reference only to an individual. Depending on the currency, a certain level of prestige is associated with being a millionaire, which makes that amount of wealth a goal for many.

The status of millionaire, however, is no longer as exclusive as it once was.

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The increasing number of millionaires is partially due to inflation: Nevertheless, it still ensures a priveleged lifestyle for those becoming millionaires. One of the two most commonly used measurements is net worth, which counts the total value of all property owned by a household minus the household's debts.

However, according to the financial assets measurement, equity in one's principal residence is excluded. So are all other fixed assets, such as the car and furniture.

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While millionaires constitute only a small percentage of the population, they hold vast control over economic resources with the most powerful and prominent individuals usually ranking among them.

Forbes and Fortune magazines maintain lists of people based on their net worth and are generally considered authorities on the subject.

An analysis of the appeal of who wants to be a millionaire a television show

According to Forbes' latest annual list of the richest people published in there are US-dollar billionaires in the world. The number of millionaires is much higher.

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Multimillionaire Another commonly used term is multimillionaire. As the term implies, multimillionaire applies to those individuals residing in households with a net worth or wealth of two million or more. Only a small minority of millionaire households are indeed multimillionaire households, yet many of the stereotypical millionaires shown in televisions programs such as "The OC" are actually multimillionaires.

The term also has a more prestigious connotation than millionaire.

An analysis of the appeal of who wants to be a millionaire a television show

There are approximately 95, ultra-HNWIs in the world with 61, or The report is compiled annually by Capgemini for Merrill Lynch.ward’s lawyer is appealing and wants ward to be let out on bond.

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Celebrity Contestants from Television, Music and Sports Play for Their Favorite Charities When "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" Returns to ABC Primetime August 9thto Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary.

Mar 08,  · Watch video · Will we ever get another game show like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, and broadcasters would try to do programs that appeal to as many people as possible. starred in two major television. Find all the latest Olympics news, features and interviews.

Picture galleries, video, statistics and more. Bullseye was the top performer on the channel across the year, beating its nearest rival, Classic Who Wants to be a Millionaire, by a massive 63% in ratings volume.

It was also the first time in the history of Challenge that they had a higher market share than Sky One.

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