African ecosystem

Bycities like Lagos and Kinshasa will be global megacitieseach holding well over 30 million inhabitants. Africa is also at the start of a technological renaissance. That said, much of that opportunity lies in the future. Many of these plan to take advantage of the aforementioned growth potential, including the million smartphone owners expected on the continent by

African ecosystem

A primer on the South African artificial intelligence ecosystem By Daniel Mpala on 13 December, Artificial intelligence — intelligent computer systems capable of learning from data — was one of the main trends in tech innovation this year. Founded in by Francis Cronje and Daniel Schwartzkopff, this Cape Town-based startup touts itself as a machine learning specialist.

DataProphet provides consulting and product development services across a range of industries, from finance to law. Aerobotics is a data analytics company that makes use of aerial imagery and machine-learning algorithms to solve specific problems across a number of industries including in agriculture and insurance.

Strider was founded by Julian Dallamore and Mark Karimov ininitially going by the name Stockshop. Strider also offers white label micro insurance tech products and digital onboarding and compliance services. This insuretech startup offers short-term insurance to lower-income consumers. Policy holders are grouped into African ecosystem risk profiles.

These groups create savings pools which then reduce the cost of risk and act to mitigate excess payments in the event of a claim. Specialises in machine African ecosystem and optimisation. This Cape Town-based adaptive learning platform was founded in NuvaLaw designs and implements digital platforms, it aims to revolutionise how legal information exchange is managed and how disputes are settled.

Emerge Analytics solves complex business problems using advance data analytics like AI.

The company aims to help its clients navigate the corporate data maze, emerging with better answers, news insights and optimised profitability.

Founded in by Wolfgang von Loeper, this agritech solution aims to provide farmers with agricultural intelligence that will assist them save time and money through optimised decision making. MySmartFarm is hosted in the cloud, is driven by statistics and powered by intelligent models and machine learning.

The startup uses behavioural data from mobile phone usage to create financial identities for small to medium sized enterprises. This Cape Town-based fintech startup has developed proprietary, true identification tech. Founded inCape Town-based Hepstar provides specialised travel insurance merchandising services to online travel merchants.

Launched inthis digital freelance platform makes use of big data and machine learning technology to automatically match consultants to project briefs.

This Cape Town-based drone startup helps farmers find crop issues sooner through satellites, drones and local agricultural experts.

A Johannesburg-based startup that develops chatbot platforms across multiple messaging apps. In addition, Predictive Insights also provides training on business behavioural science and machine learning.

Founded in by Jacques Ludik, Cortex Logic is a machine intelligence software company that provides an AI Engine for businesses to operationalise Big Data and Analytics and delivers state-of-the-art AI-based applications, solutions and products. The startup is also an AI partner for Clevva, NuvaLaw and others Cortex has developed solutions and products that include intelligent virtual assistants and advisors, fraud detection, churn prediction, smart risk scoring, smart trading, real-time customer insights, smart recommendations and purchase prediction, smart payment, medical risk prediction, precision medicine, and personalized AI search tools.

The company uses a proprietary mix of search algorithms, crowd-sourcing and machine learning to mine online conversations for sentiment and the topics driving that sentiment.

Experts to follow Jacques Ludikwho holds a Ph. He is an expert in adaptive and cognitive systems. The institute has over 1 members across Africa. Rise also regularly holds event that explore how technology is shaping the future of the financial industry. Startups developing such solutions can email innovation capitecbank.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you feel we skipped a startup, organisation or an expert, please let us know and we will update the article. Besides that, he is passionate about online security, privacy and international affairs.From my first conversation with Claire in to the organisation a year later of our August/ Sept month long trip by Tracy, to Rwanda, Kenya, Botswana and Victoria Falls, African Safaris .

The ecosystem approach to fisheries Issues, terminology, principles, institutional foundations, implementation and outlook FAO FISHERIES TECHNICAL PAPER. Since its inception in April ACEP has filled a void in oceanographic and marine ecological sampling on the continental shelves of the east coast of southern Africa and the south-western Indian Ocean.

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African ecosystem

Learn how to classify these animals and more in this animated game featuring African animals. The African Wild Dog Conservancy homepage discusses plight of wild dogs, community-based project in Kenya's biodiversity hotspots, AWD Conservancy's mission as a non-profit.

The Royal Mara is a luxury safari lodge and camp in the Masai Mara of Kenya, home to the Great Migration of the Wildebeest.

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